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What is Brewmates?


Brewmates offers custom homebrewing recipes kits that feature original recipes from independent craft breweries. We partner with leading breweries to bring you a new recipe kit every other month. Each kit comes with all the ingredients you need to brew the recipe, as well as crystal clear instructions to guide you through the process.


Recipes from independent breweries

Every BREWMATES kit features a different recipe from an acclaimed, independent craft brewery. These aren't clones or generic recipes. 


All the ingredients for a 5 gallon batch

When you open the box, you'll find all the ingredients you need to start brewing...including malts, specialty grains, and unique hops.


Clear instructions and brewery swag

Each kit comes with a recipe book that breaks down the brew process in a simple and clear way, and also feature tips & tricks from the brewers themselves.


This month's recipe kit

Kings County Brewers Collective


The first Bushwick brewery in over 40 years, KCBC is a collective of three brewers making supremely crushable beers. The recipe they created for their homebrew kit is a big, dank, dry-hopped Rye IPA.


Brew at your own pace.


We release a new homebrew kit from a different brewery every other month. You can opt to pay-as-you-go, starting a new homebrew when you're ready. Or we can automatically send a you a new kit every other month. No matter which way you go, you'll be on your way to becoming your own brewmaster.


Individual Kits

Order single kits upon release

No commitment

Perfect for beginners

Great gifts

Three Kit Plan

Pay upfront for three kits

Save 5% over buying individually

Kits ship every other month

Pause or cancel anytime

Six Kit Plan

Enjoy a year's worth of great beer

Save 15% over buying individually

Kits ship every other month

Pause or cancel anytime


Got a brewer in your life?

Give the gift of beer


BREWMATES homebrewing kits are available as gifts for the beer lover in your life. Even if that beer lover is you! Each kit comes with all the ingredients to brew unbelievable beer, tips and tricks to make brewing easy, a custom recipe from an independent craft brewery, and a little something extra.