Brewmates is a monthly homebrewing kit featuring recipes sourced from actual craft breweries. Each box includes a recipe and instructions, the ingredients, and custom swag from the featured brewery.


The Breweries.

We work with leading craft breweries to develop custom recipes for homebrewers. Each of our recipes come directly from the brewmasters and are developed specifically for our 5-gallon kits. Our hope is that when you use a Brewmates homebrewing kit, you will learn more about the brewery where the recipe came from, the brewmaster, and their philosophy behind making beer.



The Recipes.

Homebrewing shouldn't be limited to just trying to reproduce versions of your favorite beers. Our recipes come from the brewers themselves, and as a result, cover the wide spectrum of beer styles. Each Brewmates box has all the ingredients you need, perfectly portioned. We also break down the brewing process step-by-step, in easy to follow instructions. 



The Box. 

Brewmates is the only homebrewing kit to exclusively offer brew recipes from actual craft breweries. Each box includes ingredients, a recipe card, tips and tricks, and special swag from the featured brewery. Each box will make 5 gallons of delicious beer, and can be ordered monthly or every other month.