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The true goal of a Brewmates homebrewing kit is to promote independent craft breweries. There is a clear connection between homebrew enthusiasts and the growth of the craft beer industry. Beer is a passion. Most brewmasters got their start homebrewing, after all.

Our approach is simple. You provide a unique recipe for a homebrewing kit and then we use the kit to market and promote your brewery to our customers. It is a win-win. The homebrewer is able to brew a recipe endorsed by a real brewmaster and the brewery receives a platform to promote their beers and brewing philosophy.

A marketing opportunity for your brewery.

Partnering with Brewmates is a marketing opportunity. When you work with us to develop a homebrewing kit, you are reaching customers directly with information about your brewery. This leads to greater sales, distribution opportunities, and broader awareness of your brand.

With each brewery partnership, Brewmates will provide:

  • Documentary style video filmed at your brewery.
  • Editorial content featured on our magazine, such as an interview with your brewmaster.
  • Social media, e-marketing, and advertising campaigns to promote your brewery's kit.
  • Featured placement on the Brewmates website.
  • Promotional items in the kit, like a t-shirt, tasting glass, or sticker with your logo.
  • Recipe card with instructions for brewing your recipe, as well as tips and tricks from your brewmaster.

Example of the style of video Brewmates will create for your brewery.

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